Rik Melissant

Organ Duo

Wilmink & Melissant

The most compositions for organ are written for two hands and two feet. In other words: the pieces are written to be played by one organist. Centuries ago, on the other hand, the idea arose to place two organists next to each other on the organ bench and let them play at the same time. A tradition that Organ Duo Wilmink & Melissant continues!

In the course of time, in addition to the organ solo repertoire, a whole collection of four-handed (and -footed) organ music has been written. Being able to use 4 hands and 4 feet also gives a lot of possibilities for making and performing transcriptions. This is exactly what this organ duo is doing!

Although the organ is central, Organ Duo Wilmink & Melissant also occasionally uses the combination organ and piano.

More information about this organ duo can be found on the website: www.wilminkmelissant.nl